The MV Lyubov Orlova was built in 1976 and is an ice-strengthend cruise ship that was sailed to the Arctic and Antarctica. After it ran aground in 2006, it was supposed to be scraped in the Dominican Republic in 2013. The ship was supposed to be towed from St. John’s, New Foundland to the Domincan Republic. However, just one day after the tug left the harbour, the tow rope broke. This happen on January 28th 2013 and since then, the MV Lyubov Orlova has been drifting without any control in the Atlantic. It is therefore an official GHOST SHIP!



According to wikipedia the last known positions of the  Lyubov Orlova were as follows:

On February 1, 2013, Transport Canada announced that the offshore supply vessel, Atlantic Hawk, with a 157 tonne continuous bollard pull rating, had successfully gained control of the drifting ship and that the latter was no longer a risk to oil and gas operations in the region. Atlantic Hawkwas under contract by Husky Energy and was tasked to regain control of the drifting vessel.

As of February 4, 2013, in response to fears of a possible collision with oil and gas installations off eastern Canada, Lyubov Orlova was secured by the Atlantic Hawk anchor handler on the 31st of January. However, after the ship drifted into international waters, Transport Canada decided to cut her loose. “The Lyubov Orlova no longer poses a threat to the safety of offshore oil installations, their personnel or the marine environment. The vessel has drifted into international waters and given current patterns and predominant winds, it is very unlikely that the vessel will re-enter waters under Canadian jurisdiction,” the department said in a statement. Safety concerns were cited by Transport Canada in their reason to not pursue a salvage operation to retrieve the ship.

The ship was located on February 4 at approximately 250 nautical miles east of St. John’s, NL (approximately 50 nautical miles outside Canada’s territorial waters) and drifting northeasterly. If left alone she could end up almost anywhere from the Norwegian arctic, to western Africa, or stuck in the middle of the North Atlantic Gyre. Transport Canada reiterates that the owner of the vessel remains responsible for its movements, and measures have been taken to monitor the position of the drifting ship.[10]

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  1. а давайте на нём филиал россии откроем, для тех, кому нет места в нынешней россии…

  2. У меня сохранен билет с “Любовь Орловой”….. как память возвращения со службы (1993)…. когда теплоход курсировал по маршруту Южно-Курильск-Курильск-Корсаков-Владивосток…

    1. Thank you for receiving a comment from a former passenger. I have translated your posting with google translate:

      I still have a ticket to “Lyubov Orlova” ….. as the memory of the return from the service (1993) …. when the ship cruised along the route of the South Kuril-Kurilsk-Korsakov-Vladivostok …

  3. I have tons of pictures of the Orlova. She was an amazing ship. I went to Antarctica on her second to last journey. We hit an iceberg and the dock on that trip. She got me to my 7th continent. I am proud that she is a ghost ship now. I am up to salvage her and make her a floating hostel. Let me know if anyone is interested!

    1. Mary,

      Thank you for your comment. If you are willing to share a few pictures on the blog, just send me an email, whereisorlova@gmail.com, with a few of photos attached.

      I think there are already some people out there, considering taking over the ship refurbishing her, the hostel idea is pretty cool. Do you have a spot where we can park her?

      1. Hi,

        In that reply I was referring to an older post that summarised forum discussions about getting the Orlova. I think some of them were only half serious and probably most of the discussions are no longer active.

        There was also a Dutch (or Belgium) group who was trying to get to the boat. There should be a post with a link somewhere further down. I think they are also mentioned in the New Scientist article and probably in the more recent Daily Mirror article.

        Here is the link to the post:


  4. In the early 80s, I was living in a coastal village in the Primorsky Krai and the vessel comes to us once a week. I was often on it. How cool, I did the young boy who was to board the vessel, to run the deck, climb ladders … It seems that it is the huge ship in the world! Remembering childhood …. I worry about all my heart for him!

  5. The Lyubov was named after Lyubov Orlova, a stunning blonde actress – the first Russian actress to appear in films. I would suggest show a little more respect to a ship named after her.

    1. Al, this blog and our facebook page has collected so many positive stories from people travelling or working on the Orlova. I think the vast majority of followers has the utmost respect for the Orlova and we are all just fans of her and her story. I would thereforem suggest that you have a more careful read of the comments, stories and pictures of our blog.

    2. Are you actually being serious? Firstly, the ship is an inanimate object not a person. Secondly, so what if someone decides to name anything after anyone – that doesn’t make the newly named object any better or deserving of anything especially respect. I would understand if you were the owner and you were speaking to an employee who was not looking after it properly but what you have said makes no sense what-so-ever.

      On a side note – she was not the first Russian actress to appear in films – she is generally regarded as the first recognised star of soviet cinema but even it is still irrelevant to this story.

      1. You are obviously unknown to maritime terminology.
        It is customary to refer to a ship as “she”, and it has been so for centuries.
        Please do a background check the next time you feel the need to be the “besserwisser”.
        Also, maybe you are entitled to get your school money back.

  6. Thanks for providing a forum for those of us so fortunate as to have sailed on this ship. The MV Lyubov Orlova may have her final dignified watery berth. But as the venue for great happenings she lives long in the warm memories of the many who sailed on her sashaying decks over the chill polar seas. Shipmates, I salute you!

  7. Wow Folks…I am the captain of the Tug that took her out of St. Johns. It was not a “tow rope But steel cable with a chain bridle. In 30-35 ft seas the chain bridle , chaffing against the Houser pipe,
    parted leaving no way to recover the Ship for tow. The emergency tow line in those seas was not a practical solution to retrieve the Ship. We stayed in St. Johns Until March 23, the owner trying different avenues to hire a company to retrieve The Orlova, but again the weather made the job difficult. Please contact me with any updates on where she is sited. We have (2)two plans of action for regaining control of the Ship.

      1. Hello,
        My name is Ric and you can contact me at ricferro2@yahoo.com. I would be interested in seeing the plans you have to get control of her. I am home fro about a moth but I can check my email on board ship. I can make the time to work on a planned effort.

        Be well,

  8. I took several pictures of Любовь Орлова in St.John’s in November 2012 during my car jorney from Toronto to NF. I was very surprised to find a vessel there with a Russian name on it. I can e-mail you my pictures. They could be the last pictures of her peacefully sitting in her last port…

  9. The truth is that this ship is now only disguised as a hulk.

    In fact it is owned and operated by NSA and GCHQ as a spy ship and floating submarine base.

    Seal Team 69 operates from it together with the new SQUAT operation which is tasked to eliminate threats to truth.

    The current operation, BLOKS, involves the ship secretly drifting up on the Irish coast to exfiltrate a team of Leprachauns who have been operating there since 1923.

  10. Whenever this albatross eventually drifts into the jurisdiction of whatever the next country it shows up near. SINK THE BASTARD AND BE DONE WITH IT!

  11. When this boat is found, it should be carried out to sea and must be sank so all the rats inside die without being able to go to a land. Rats and mouse can hold their breath for at least 6 minutes but if its away from land further than that they will die and sharks will have a feast. There is no use of this ship so this is the only option to get rid of the rats inside.

    1. It’s a ship. A boat is what you get into when the ship sinks. Do you really believe that story of canibal rats? Really? That’s all a fairy tail. If rats don’t eat, they don’t breed. If they don’t breed the population dies out. The may eat their dead but thinking that a new breed of rat is onboard this ship and if it came aground it would cause mass destruction is bull. I do be believe scuttling (deliberate sinking) of this SHIP is the best idea for it short of it being srapped.

  12. Hey Fans….. It’s Rolland, Rolland Rat Superstar….
    I’m currently navigating with the rats, the channel looking for home. It’s been a amazing journey.

  13. Excuse me, but you mean to tell me that with all of the satellites orbiting this Earth, not to mention the Space Station, nothing or nobody has been able to get a reading on this ship’s coordinates? Think about that…GPS systems can tell you where to go via satellite and yet a ship of this magnitude cannot be tracked. Am I missing something?

    1. Yes, drspite what you might see in the cinema or on video, unless the ship has an active tracking device on board or it is close enough to land or ship based radar it will be very hard to find. Dedicated searches of satellite images might show it but they are expensive and nobody is concerned enough to pay. From her last known position and track she is headed for the artic sea, if she has not just sunk.

  14. Yugoslavian built does not fill me with enthusiasm for a recovery of this ship, especially in the machinery part where equipment from those shipyards was less than serviceable.
    If she is still afloat, the reason why could be her ice-strengthened hull above all else. However ship’s machinery – especially the seawater systems – always leak to some extent, so if they sealed up her intakes and overboards before towing her away (as they should have done) then the only way seawater can get in is via the stern tube which may be oil-filled (less likely to fail) or water lubricated like ships I was on in the 70’s – extremely likely to admit water in greater or lesser amounts.

  15. All of you have it wrong. I’m pretty sure it is being piloted by the penguins in production for “Madagascar 4.” The excitement is from this actually being a live-action version of the animated feature. Should be great! Hopefully in theaters for Christmas 2014.

  16. Always wondered why ships were referred to as a “she” rather than a “he”. After many years in the U.S. Navy, I finally found the answer.
    Ships are very expensive to maintain, much like women.
    Ships can be difficult to control, much like a woman.
    Ships require constant maintenance like paint, repairs, etc. just like women.
    Ships are beautiful creations, also much like women.
    Ships are wide of beam (no comment).
    Ships carry a lot of stuff, just like women do.
    Ships always attract attention, just like women.
    Ships weigh a lot (again, no comment).
    Ships require a crew of men to maintain course, otherwise, they get lost (no comment).
    Ships are fun to ride. My wife was laughing until I said that. Now she is frowning.
    Happy Sailing!

  17. can someone answer my question

    if i find the ship. and take control of it does it become mine? seen as the owner is not doing anything about it ? he has given up his right to ownership?

    1. Joe… to answer your question, yes it does become yours. According to Maritime law, if you throw a rope on a disabled/abandoned vessel, you are taking ownership.The downside to that would be that a seasoned tugboat captain stated above that they could not keep her in tow. The North Atlantic seas are vicious. So if you lay claim to her, then a month later decide you can’t tow her or control her, you are still the owner. Just like the current owner, if you then abandon her and she takes out an oil rig or drifts into the shipping channel, you are still responsible for any damage she causes. That would be a bummer. Still, I’d love to see if someone could actually give her a second chance at life.

    2. Yes it would be yours, with all the liabilities it implies as well as the rewards. All you have to do is find it. Good luck.

    3. As a boy we found a sailboat on it’s side in the middle of a large lake. Some of the guys in my group swam out to it and after several hours finally got it into shore and upright. Five minutes later the owner showed up and said “Thanks”.

  18. I’m not sure if the ships distress beacon was perhaps outdated but because the beacon was activated it would suggest the ship began to sink or at the very least came into contact with a good-sized object(iceberg?).
    The only way to activate a distress beacon is either manually, or it will automatically disconnect from it’s bracket(either upon impact or upon contact with water) and begin sending a signal.
    Whether it hit a large object or began sinking, my guess would be that this ship is already at the bottom of the Atlantic. Shame to, it looked like a nice ship. Honestly I hope I’m wrong.

  19. i would love to see the ship part of sea shepherd fighting the Japanese whalers in the southern ocean… it has everything they need heli deck and ice breaker class!

  20. https://www.facebook.com/groups/377916799012625/?fref=ts

    The lyubov Orlova is an opportunity for mankind to advance in it’s intent to educate and extend globalizing perspective to those who would without it most likely have no access to it. We will achieve this in an economically responsible way that is not socially or environmentally damaging. Our group aims to
    1) locate the Lyubov Orlova
    2) renovate it into a floating school
    3) float it around the world with teachers/pupils on it that would encounter an education from their peers as well as their teachers that would transform them into agents of change in the 21st century.
    4) bring onboard global leaders in many fields to facilitate conversation.

    Please follow the link to our page and partner with us.

    Balla Masemola

  21. Thank you for replying. So sad to think of such a great ship, in her day, just wandering aimlessly. Perhaps she has sunk, but I truly hope not. I would love to see her found and claimed!
    Have a nice day.

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