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According to this article in a Swiss media outlet, the latest position of the MV Orlova is 49°49.12N 36°15.44W. This means that the Orlova is no longer heading towards Europe and it seems that she was on a rather slow cruise mode during the last two weeks. The article is referring to information from  National Geospatial-Intelligence agency (NGA). Thank you, Helder and Sebastien, for posting this info on our facebook wall.

This information seems to be correct according to a daily memorandum on the NGA’s website.

The hunt is on (again) and we have updated our map as well.

MV L. Orlova worth $800,000 (in scrap metal)

This article on argues that our beloved Orlova is worth around $800,000 in scrap metal. Only $ 800,000? That is actually a bargain. You have to pay $800,000 to get a decent apartment with sea-view Vancouver or Melbourne.

Alternatively, you can by a ghost ship with a capacity of 110 passengers and 70 crew members and the capability to crush through arctic ice; sea-view included.

Of course, one needs to take into account the costs of refurbishing, “un-ghost” it and get rid of the rats before putting it back into service.

The article in the, however, also includes an interesting discussion about the problem of shirking responsibilities from the owner and presents also the owner’s view of the case.

“Whereisorlova” in the media.

Fellow ghost ship hunters!

A few days ago whereisorlova gave an interview to The Telegram, a Canadian newspaper. The article based on this interview was prepared by Josh Pennell and can be read here.

According to the article, there are now four coastguards, the American, Canadian, Icelandic and Irish, on alert.

The article also contains some worrying information: A few days ago we have reported that an emergency beacon of the Orlova started sending signals. One initial explanation was that,

“[t]hat could mean a beacon has fallen off the drifting ship or perhaps one of the six lifeboats that were still on board went over the side and an EPIRB inside was activated.”

However, according to the article 

“It could also mean the MV Lyubov Orlova has sunk. A high-resolution satellite image taken over the co-ordinates of the transponding beacon this week captured nothing but open ocean.”

Let’s hope for the best fellow friends of the Orlova. She is a trooper and she is still tweeting.

What to do with the MV Orlova, once we’ve found her?

Friends of the Orlova,

Although we are currently all busy of finding our most favourite Russian ghost ship, I would like you to spend a minute on thinking about Orlova’s future. In other words, what should we do with the ship, once we’ve found her? Below are a some options but more suggestions are very welcome:

  1. Tow her to the Dominican Republic and scrap her as initially planned. 
  2. Have the ship towed to a harbour; refurbish it, and convert it to a museum.
  3. Collect donations, refurbish the ship and donate it to seashepherd.
  4. Collect money on kick-starter; refurbish it and use it as a location and platform for something entrepreneurial.
  5. Collect money (as above); refurbish it and use it to establish a new country.
  6. Let her drift! Ghost ships should be considered UNESCO World Heritage. We therefore demand a UN-resolution that requires every country that is approached by the Orlova to tow her back to international waters and prevent her from grounding.