Map of Sightings

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19 thoughts on “Map of Sightings

  1. Um, why didn’t a group go after it and claim the ship? It has been done in the past so what has changed?

    1. I was always wondering that myself. In the early stages there was a forum discussion about searching for the ship and claiming it here:

      I do not know how serious that is, but it is an entertaining read.

      However, I reckon one major issue is the uncertainty about the condition of the ship and whether the costs of searching and repairing her (on high sea) would outweigh the costs.

  2. Try to use a translator to read russian posts written above, after then you will know.. Probably they don´t know any other language

  3. И хватило же ума написать: “как правило, они не знают других языков”. Правильно, куда нам до сверхчеловеков…

  4. I`m Russian and my English is far from being perfect but still isn`t it just a tiniest bit stupid to judge the whole nation by a couple of mentally defective dumbs who came to this site only because of the link in russian Wiki? Their comments are so lousy, I have no idea why you`re keeping it here.

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